Journal Entry for Tenax Prolosit I


“Ai Poppie the little monkeys hurt my wing, and look Poppie, they killed so many of my little mushroom Dugan.”



Round 3 continues. . .




Breaking Rock


A bellows that I can feel in my gut


The male dragon emerges. If I weren’t so concerned for Lady Dross’ well being I would run. Now.


There is something afoot centipedes. 2-3” long – they’re everywhere and heading for the shrooms.


I’m leaving the casters, to get behind the dragons. But, now, on 2nd thought, I think I’ll stay here with Dross and Terrance.


Archie approaches Grappa


Garion engages the shrooms, and does some real damage. They are no match for him.


Garion screams something about the eggs hatching.


The shrooms with missile weapons fire them at Archie – they all bounce off.


The bolts bounce off Seanee.


[Tenax sees everybody else being targeted and has a fear-fantasy of being the only one left, and staying here to complete Garion’s mission all by myself]


Archie chants and fire erupts from his fingers, its blinding, and somehow comforting.

Six of the Durg-o-shrooms are immolated.


Grappa approves, and promptly kills 2 durg-o-shrooms.



Dross casts a spell of some sort from buttercup’s scroll – nothing appeared to happen.


A large head appears on the end of 10’ of neck the neck is about 6’ in diameter, the fangs are 1.5’ long.


I look away, focus my attention on the durg-o-shroom.


Horor squashed a durg-o-shroom Mario style.


Tenax kills one.


The centipedes grow. Some are 3’ long now.


The make dragon reaches out and grabs a pillar of stone, and breaks it.

He grabs a boulder, to throw it.

His neck is about 15’ nose to tail 79-80’ tail has stinger about size of 2’ sword, dripping putrescent rotting goo.

He surges forward knocking durg-o-shrooms aside, and he exhales

A sphere of white is between him an us. It crackles with magical power.

Oh, Ambrose, Garion is with the eggs!


Alcarg flares bright white.


Grappa asks if he can attack from within the protection area.

Dross says you have to leave the area to attack.


The male dragon leaves in frustration.

We notice that the female is not here.


[Tactics discussion: stay within 10 paces of Draos for protection from dragon]


Tenax attacks Durg-o-shrooms with Terrance. “Hey - you kick ass, and yer all stealthy and shit,  and you rock with the sword. Hey, if we were in a cell under Caer Eldren I’d be yer bitch”


Archie does something and one of the Durg-o-shrooms is destroyed.


Garion kills one.


The Male dragon goes to leave and just as his tail is about to disappear, he abruptly swivels around and breathes his decaying breath on the Durg-o-shrooms, Archie, and Garion.


Archie falters, and the caustic breath chews at him, he vomits, his shirt, pants, and backpack disintegrate. He takes a horrible amount of damage. Poor Archie doesn’t look good. He is scratching and stips of skin are coming off. He’s shuddering from the attack.


The male dragon leaves.


Grappa ends the pain of the 3 remaining Durg-o-shrooms.


[We are alone. Utterly alone. The midnight of our despair is complete. There will be no dawn. We are broken. I must end the pain of the party. Its for their own good. They won’t understand so I must do them one by one. – no father, not yet. ]


I dowse Archie with water from my skin, it seems to help, but he’s not looking good.


Seanee directs Ambrose’ power toward Archie. He looks better.


I go back to the entrance and gather my stuff and put it in a bag.


I take off my leather pants, and regular pants. I put on my silk pants and put my leather pants. I hand Archie my regular pants.


The Eldren appears and I speak to him. I tell him that we lost 3 years and that the evil from an imperial machine above has spread that that we were sent to talk to him.


The Eldren offers us treasure in return for killing off some of his mistakes (the dragons)


He calls me a primitive. Blah blah


Archie gets some primitive clothes.


The party, other than Grappa, goes off to the side and has “a conversation” while Grappa does something with his Eldren harp to the Eldren “cataloger”


We go off to the side and “talk”


Seanee and Garion pray in-turn to Yaliah, get nothing other than healing.


Lots of conversation.



Zamphire created the large one. Without the male the others dissipate.


The Eldren walked in my mind and cast an illusion of myself being dissected alive. It was as real as my true experiences. The Eldren must be put out of my misery. They are infuriating. I must master my hatred and look through it and learn as much about them as possible. Only through knowledge can we exterminate the pestilence that is Eldren. I will use them for my own purposes and kill them when I am done with them, if it doesn’t prevent the greater good at the time.


“I have all I need to know” says Grappa to Tenax.


Garion lays hands on Archie.


We retreat to our previous resting place. There is a skeleton here wearing Prava’s insignia. A parchment attached says

“I can’t see the invisible one, but there were many faces at Terran.”


Party seems to think that we need to get out of here.


The Boon says that something extremely evil passed through here and left a stain.


Garion was going to take the armor that Prava left, but Draos indicated that Prava would be able to track the armor.


We decide to go back to the ‘kill zone’ to rest away from Prava’s stain.


Garion wonders if this is all just a vision. (Silly Garion, I’m going to need to watch him even closer. He may need to be put to sleep.)


We all get 9200 exp. + protection scroll 1250


Roll playing bonuses:

Archie 500

Draos  for charming Tenax 2500

Tenax for clod hoppers 1000

Seanee Giant insect 900 + Yaliah Light - 12500

Archie smacking around Lady Dragon – 2500

Garion roll playing “Garion Alone” – 1500 Chris would like to see the effect of being alone for two years being displayed a bit more actively.



Garion tells Tenax that Prava killed Duke Yyrakus and then Seanee’s brother Samial took the sword of the morning and killed Ct. Caw.