Major Manfred,


I have been successful in gathering a great deal of information concerning Seanee and his companions. As it turns out Private Barrack was not an Yrken soldier but instead a Loor magician named Enigma. Shortly after we parted ways from you Barrack revealed his true identity and then used a magic walking stick to transport the party to Caer Eldren. The Durgen have taken control of Caer Eldren and are in the process of making it a great fortress. Caer Eldren’s weaponmaster, Prion claims that the fortress is currently protected by at least 1500 soldiers, 500 crossbowmen and other war machines.

            Upon arriving at Caer Eldren we were taken to a council which contained 5 members. The five members were Enigma a representative of the Loor, Durin a male Durgen, a female Durgen who did not introduce herself, a Ken female called Marial Mistress of the Shadow Empire (who is also referred to as the Dark Lady), and an Eldren named Shadow. Shadow told a fascinating tale of the creation of the Yrken people none of which holds any truth to the words of Ambrose. He even claimed that at one time the Eldren trained Ken as allies to defeat the Eldren enemies who they call the Super Naturals. After training the Ken and seeing only a glimpse of their true potential the Eldren named them Yrken. Like typical abominations of evil when the Yrken people became a threat to the Eldren they decided it was time to attack the Yrken people. To no surprise to the Yrken people, but much to the Eldren’s we were too strong and innovative and were able to drive off the Eldren invasion by creating imperial machines. At Caer Eldren sits the greatest imperial machine named the Destroyer.

The destroyer is powered by five soul gems which can be used to trap five Super Natural spirits. Four of the five soul gems are scattered throughout the land and they have demanded that we gather them so the Destroyer can be destroyed. The council claims that one of the soul gems is in the possession of General Prova and it is the spirit known as Martok. Martok along with the spirits of Olydra and Sparta were what we fought at the battle of Terran. Another soul gem is said to be in the possession of a Sea Lord in the west named Kurgin and its spirit is called Gerbriel. Olydra is the gem of water and the council knows the least about it. The Loor Enigma wields the spirit Diablo in a walking stick and taps into its evil power to enhance his own abilities. I have a hard time accepting this as truth but the council claims that the fifth soul gem is possessed by Count Ector. They claim that Count Ector is in cohorts with that demon Martok who slaughtered our men in Terran. The only thing that has kept me from killing all of those who speak ill of our great Count Ector is Seanee’s guidance. He claims what they are saying is true.

The party is currently in the process of determining which soul gem to collect first. They are discussing traveling north to kill Count Ector. Unless you tell me otherwise Seanee and his companions decide to travel north I will kill each and every one of them to protect Ector.

It also has been revealed to me Count Ector has a bounty on the heads of Seanne, Archimedes, Tenax, and Droas. The wizard named Droas boldly displays her wanted poster as if every day she is free she proudly defies Ector. Simply say the word and the wench will die. Finally the party claims the Count Ector is in fact the Lord Protector himself. I cannot confirm this allegation but if it is true then attempting to kill Ector will surely warrant an action from me.

                                                Lieutenant Garion