Chrenem Palace – Aftermath


Or if I may, in a Jarri moment, term this “After the Gold Rush, Pt 2”. The last After the Gold Rush campaign resulting in the utter destruction of the party, I won’t take it personally if y’all don’t like that title.


Let me start with a few notes:

1)       I’ll start with a bold admission you never saw coming…it was getting late at the last session, and I accelerated the end of the Chrenem Palace scenario. You must be stunned. That said, if a majority of the players would prefer to rewind and RP that, I will fully support the decision. Understand when making this decision that the GM-engineered easy escape from Chrenem Palace will also go away should the gang choose to stay and play it out…whatever happens, happens, up to and including the aforesaid utter destruction of the party. For example…the fact that you could teleport through Manau’s outer wall, which has a quite effective anti-magic shell…

2)       Everything listed in both the IC and OOC aftermath sections is dependent on #1. With that gone, this document does not exist!

3)       The contents of this doco are based on my observations of the Chrenem Palace sessions. If there are areas of note that I’ve missed, feel free to point them out. Jarri will not mind.

4)       Finally, as an unasked for GM commentary I will simply state that the group’s performance at Chrenem was exceptional. As my pal Dougie stated…”They just kicked the crap out of everything you threw at them!”. As your pal Jarri stated, Jarri say “Jarri depressed. So many baddies swung, so few characters dead. ”


I will simply state, well done. One major milestone on the path of the “The Destroyer Unleashed” has been passed, and I couldn’t be happier with the way the story and game are progressing. On to the aftermath.



When the last blow fell and Olhydra was defeated, the dream world of battle was immediately replaced by the dream world of unexpected victory. Her Eldren body disintegrated into sapphire fragments that buried themselves hissing in the snow, while the Gem…the precious Gem…dropped to the ground, burning itself a hole in the snow with its residual heat. Rank upon rank of the Beccan horde that had crawled from the icy lake, thousands of them, fell to the ground dead and inert, Her power no longer willing their limbs forward. Behind them, the beautiful palace burned, the east wing entirely engulfed in flames as smoking windows revealed the extent of the fire in the remains of the place.


Those who survived the assault numbered less than those who entered. Only Esuritio had survived from among Grapa’s “dangerous weapons”, Hodor and Terence had fallen in the battle at the barracks. Garion’s breath gurgled in his throat as he leaned weakly on his blade, and the fresh snowfall was soon stained from the myriad wounds others had sustained. Since the first sword was drawn, had it been an hour? Near enough. Weariness, pain, and a sense of relief suffused those present, making them oblivious if for only a moment, to the danger still present.


But not Grapa. Immediately understanding the threat posed by the remaining guards, he quickly wrapped the Soul Gem in a silvery cloth retrieved from one of his belt pouches, and stowed it. A quick conference indicated that the prompt removal of the party from the scene would be ideal…only a few hours wait could bring a thousand enraged Loor soldiers from Rutufunt onto the scene. Even Archimedes quailed just a bit at the thought…


Grapa demonstrated a disturbing hold on the remaining Loor guards…the mere sight of Alkarg was usually enough. And so it was that after gathering the bodies of their loyal henchmen from the barracks, and what booty the battle had offered them, the Ken departed. A brief conference of Draos, Archimedes, Tenax, and Seanee yielded the target…the Tower of Malvagel, conquered so long ago. No other place of true safety suggested itself. When Grapa remarked that he would seek “Megaloor” and return to Caer Eldren once his oaths to Manak were fulfilled, nothing remained at Chrenem palace but nightmares. And so the heroes moved on.


Only to find a new nightmare…


Arriving at the Tower, a wasteland that would make a lumberjack weep was presented…the rich gardens and deep forest of Entwhistle was defoliated. Perhaps a hundred withered trunks surrounded the scene, and just before the door to the Tower lay a massive dead tree…which could only be their old ally and friend. Stuck to the trunk, driven into the hilt was a vile iron blade, which served to attach a parchment with an ornate wax seal of green.



OK, folks…here’s your hoard…note that this list does NOT include what characters explicitly stated they were taking, and applying to their character sheets. So…if it’s not here, and it’s not on a sheet, it wasn’t retrieved. If it is here, and it is on a character sheet, then it is in the associated character’s possession, not part of the greater horde. We can sort it all out in game time.


From Olhydra’s “corpse” (killed by party)

(estimated) 1,000 large, uncut deep blue sapphires

1 Blue Soul Gem (Grapa)

long, thin Eldren stiletto

Sapphire ring


From Manau’s corpse (killed by Grapa/Seanee/Archi)

(nothing…Grapa insisted he not be looted)


From the body of Kindre, Master of Arms (killed by Draos)

(per Draos’s character sheet)


From the body of Haras, Master of Flowers (killed by Archi’s fireball)

Unburned quarterstaff

Unburned dagger in scorched scabbard

Unburned sling and sling bullets (12) in scorched pouch


From Oshit and Okrap (if retrieved…party input needed)

2 suits of loor-sized plate mail (strong aura)

2 shield, Manau Frankh arms (mild aura)

2 long battle spears (strong aura)


From 33 fallen Elite Guards (if retrieved…party input needed)

33 suits of loor-sized plate mail (mild aura)

33 shields, Manau Frankh arms (mild aura)

33 battle spears and short swords (mild aura)


Total XP calculates to 327150 (combat only, all battle areas inclusive):

                Per surviving player: 46736 (those gaining more than 1 level, see GM)

                Per surviving hench: 0 (no surviving hench)