Journal of Tenax of House Prolosit                                                        3/25/04


Dibs on all the yoink.


We split up the loot.


Zamphire says he will take us on a tour of the imperial facility. He goes to tell his “companion” so that ‘she’ won’t freek-out.


Seanee does thought capture on Imperial Armor:


Urgency, he puts on the armor, reaches into chest and pull out broadsoard, bloody sword with own hand, shake off scabbard, run past person clawing at own face, keep running toward lit archway, Rock is falling from the tunnel, he feels disbelief, how could this place be collapsing? Continue on, on balcony over hollow mountain, as if mountain were hollowed out. The whole interior of mountain is covered in structures, in the center giant structure tripod of stone and bluesteel holding egg. He doesn’t understand what’s going on. The egg is mirror bright. There are people running around, some people attacking each-other, small areas where there are storms, the whole scene is impossible to describe, nightmare, the whole world that he knows is disrupted, things falling up, the dead attacking people. Flare of white light that permeates all, suddenly there are thousands of spots of light they seek people. One spot of light hits the thought capture subject. Thought capture ends.


While waiting fro Zamphire, we go about 60 yards and find dried-up shroomers. There used to be water here. None now.


Zamphire appears. “Let’s go back to when your people weren’t so primitive, it may be more than you can understand….flah, flah, flah, then you will leave. We teleport to the “lowest rung”.


At the point that this place was being used, there had been a war between our peoples for a thousand years. This was a fortress. But we found out about it, and we defeated it.


We are in an elaborate tunnel like the great hall of the Durgan. We stand in the barracs of the 1st brigate of the 2nd division of the Imperial Guard of the Ken empire of Talonal. 5000 warriors in a division, 1250 in these chambers. We look into a side passage. Each room is empty. But floating in the air is an Eldren rune. Each room held 2 soldiers. They ate food produced by evil. 


Points at one rune – used to be a bed. Another a wash-basin, another a razor, etc. The runes represent things that were sent back to the academy.


He has cataloged 2000 armor, 10000 wepons, thousands of works of art. A hundred thousand odd items.


We teleport again, now to beautiful round chamber, stone carved from floor to 10’ bass relief of woodland scene, domed ceiling covered in mirrored tiles. A reception hall for minor dignitaries would come to see the work being done here. A place of no significance, but look at the beauty. It indicates an aspiration to be more than they were.


We go out a hallway into the night. We walk out onto a stone platform high above the ground. Rolling fog blocks the sky, and drizzle.


We can’t see for the dark, but Zamphire casts some light,


There it is a large hollow (Imperial machine room) circular blue-steel framework, no egg.


Under the tripod there is something bright. The giant gem from the painting is below the tripod.


A mound of metallic and shiney objects that is about 100 yards by 40 yards 10 yards high – they are objects that awaits cataloging and that is where my companion awaits. Let’s meet her.


We teleport again, again the mound.


Laying on the treasure is an Eldren female. They talk in Eldren. She looks disapproving. She looks old and male-nourished.


this was a great fortress, the greatest they ever built, and it fell to my people.”


Grapa says “you lie like a dog, Eldren scum, my people still sing the songs of tens of thousands of your people dying…I’ve met General Sinjin”


The Irken killed your people, by the thousands.


Zamphire squints. The companion yells something.


Grapa says that Zamphire intends to catalog us.


Seanee prays and sees a beautiful butterfly goes towards the giant gem.


We start ‘ambling’ towards the milky-white gem in the center of the complex. As we approach the tripod there is a ring of solid blue-steel 100 yards in diameter. The walls of the tripod were a terrifying castle entirely out of steel.


Zamphire requests that we stop. We don’t. The ‘companion’ throws Zamphire out of the way. She comes toward us. Some of our party is too slow. Grapa is watching our backs. He throws something on the floor and smoke starts to spread.


Draos says ‘boobies’ and we approach and touch her.


We can’t see the Eldren, and they can’t see us.

Grapa runs towards us.


Draos casts a teleport.


We are at the gem. It is 50’ in diameter, 25’ high, cut in pentagon shaped facets. It is solid. The bluesteel circle is above and around us.


The Eldren jumps into the air and elongates and is turning into a winged lizard of some sort. Now 60’ long and her skin is turning gold, now 90’ long, no Eldren features anymore. At 180’ long she stops growing. She is twice the size of the dracolisk. Green eyes, noxious vapors come from mouth. She says “primitives step away from that gem”.



Tenax uses cover to go around gem.


Grapa gets between party and dragon. Starts talking in Eldren to the dragon. She is not thrilled.


Archie starts casting a spell, and looks distracted. (he has a vision of the mirror reflecting a happy woman where before she was sad)


Garion goes to take mirror off of Archi’s back


Seanne prays.


The dragon rears up.


After initiative is rolled:

Tenax dives for cover, as does Draos and Terrance.


Garion and Archie remove the mirror from Archie’s back. Garion takes it.


Grapa moves off to the right of the party, and continues to taunt ‘the companion’ and shoots the dagger with the venom at the companion. He and hits between the eyes doing 9 points of damage, but the dragon makes save vs. poison.


Zamphire steps out of smoke and holds up hand with glowing gold ring. He mutters something. (ring of dragon control)


Grapa yells “the Eldren commands the dragon to comply. Hide yourselves, the beast complies, scatter”


Archie takes out the mirror and points it at the dragon. We see a massive dragon head comes out of the mirror, which shatters. A rust colored lizard of the exact same dimensions screams out of the mirror and coils himself up in front of the companion, and snarles. The new dragon is the exact opposite of the companion. The two start to stare each other down.


Terrance dives for cover.


Grapa yells “I think the rear is covered”


The party comes toward the rear of the gem.


The dragons weave around each other. There is significant disagreement between the dragons. The gold drools white hot, the rust drools freezing cold.


Zamphire pulls out a thin blade, and sidles around the rust dragon.




Most of the party intends on going away from the dragons, to the other side of the gem.


Archie goes to attack Zamphire.


Grapa is picking up Archie.



The dragons breath on each other, as we run away. They writhe around eachother in cold and flames, the ground physically shakes.


The gold one gets rust off balance, and crash into the gem. There is a sharp tinkling sound on their side.


We are on the other side.


Zamphir is nowhere to be seen.


Fire and ice spray around.


They are oblivious to us.



Grapa is going to hunt Zamphire and crashing sound.

We go around the gem as a party to see what happened to the gem.


After initiative:

We hear huge detination, and crackeling energy.


We see Rusty flapping his too small wings and flying nonetheless.

Goldy is crawling up the column, Rusty blasts the column and Goldy with ice.

Goldy shoots white hot gout at Rusty, the column of bluesteel melts a bit and bends.


There is ice, flame, and green swirleys of gas everywhere.


We see Zamphire examining a facet of the gem that came off.


Zamphire has a scroll and is writing on it. He can’t seem to send the facet to the Academy.

We see an opening in the gem.


Chris says something meaningless about the futureless present being an option, but I didn’t really pay attention. I think he’s rambling from the pain medicine.



Seanee tells Hodor to “run for it”

Seanee is going to cast a spell

Grapa is charging with Alcarg

Garion is charging

Archie is casting magic missiles at Zamphire

Tenax goes for the hole

Draos is casting

Terrance is running

Zamphire is going to try to play

After Initiative roll:


1 Zamphire plays master of puppets on pan-flute. The stones around Zamphire form into two large stone creatures.



4 Tenax throws power ball at zamphir and entraps him in a sphere of force.

Grapa hits one, once.

Garion hits one with Digpig – doing 14pts.

Draos casts a dispel and it does nothing.

Terrance swings and does 10pts to one.

Archie casts slow on one stone creature – the spell has no effect.



The dragons continue to fight, there is so much destruction that nothing in the area has survived except the dragons themselves. The stench of chlorine and brimstone is burning our noses











Stoner1 attack Seanee and Archie

Stoner2 attack Terrance and Tenax

Archie – casting shield on himself

Garion – attacking Stoner1

Seanee – gives Last Rights to Hodor.

Grapa goes to Stoner2

Draos casts on stoner2

Tenax attacks stoner 1


Grapa retrieves Alcarg, and stabs Stoner 2 3x – 50pts

Stoner2 hits Grapa for 10pts


Stoner1 party




3 Tenax 17pts on stoner1 //Garion 12pts to stoner1




7 Archie – shield spell

8 Draos casts hold monster on stoner1 – no effect (immune to slow and hold)

9 Seanee gets hit for 17 pts

v10 Stoner



we kill off stoner 2


we go into the gem


we look back throught the facit we entered though and see Imperial technicians calibrating the thing we’re in, and talking about bringing the architect because it needs a final inspection.


There are 4 pentagon shaped doorways that we can go through – they look like white rooms, but we can’t see through them to the outside.


We can go through to the other rooms by pushing through the barrier.