A letter, found on the “corpse” of what would appear to have been Entwhistle


Honored Foes,


Forgive my Pretension in the use of the High Tongue. I find that it allows a Richer and more Fulfilling Expression of Meaning than the Low Tongue so common in Base Conversation between Equals. This conversation is in neither Form nor Substance such Discourse.


My mind has been on you and your Nefarious Activities, your Wanderings and Feints notwithstanding. Well Played, I say, well Played in the Extreme. It has taken repeated Evidence of your Presence, remembrances of your Respective Visages in Locations and Timing of Undeniable Coincidence to reveal the most Subtle Hints of your Ignoble Intent.


The Malfeasance which you display is as Undeniable as it is Damning. At the Spire in Sordid Vindolanda, your Alliance with the Slaver and Loor Creature known as Guor Lois was made all too Clear. As Innocents in a Conflict of which you knew little, I did Charitably spare Ye. Only to regret most Profoundly my Charity when your Visages were again observed, participatory to a Vile and Unprovoked Assault on my Home in the great Sprawling Ruin that had been Taran. An assault founded in the Principles of Assassination and Underhanded Behaviors, I might add. And now, you show yourselves as Pawns of a Slaver’s Personal Vendetta. Fools, Ye are Deceived!


Surrounding all is an Offense of which you have Consistently and Cruelly reminded me of, through the Taunting of your Hidden Friend who bears my Property. Twas I that Defeated the great Malvagel in Noble Combat, but the Coward in your Midst hides from me, whilst Constant in Teasing my attention to that Orb which is Mine and Mine Alone. So be it. If the Bearer of the Yellow Stripe amongst Ye finds Satisfaction in this Behavior, I will allow its Enjoyment.


But I will not Sit Idly when in gazing upon the Master Orb I see the Hateful Visages of Slavers and Tormentors approaching the Place where one Dear to me Resides. Yes, I know Ye quite Well, my Honored Foes. I need the Barest Glance into my Orb to call to view the Fizzes of those whose Hands were at work in the Destruction of My Home. And I have espied Ye in Primitive Rutupae. It was a Trick both Admirable and Confounding to Hide yourselves from me for such a Time. Many Months, in your Short Lives, was it not? Well Played! But the Game is Over.


By now, I can only Assume that you have met my Dear Friend in Battle. Should you Fall in Defeat, you shall never read this Missive. I would not Mourn such an Event. But should Ye succeed, Know that I Know. Know that I Watch, Eternally. And Know that between our Parties Exists a State of Total, Unrestricted, and Ne’erending Warfare. All that you Love, all that you Treasure, all that Sustains Ye, all that Maintains your Will to Fight, I will Destroy with Extreme Prejudice. And when you Recognize your Utter Defeat, I will Slay Ye with Mine Own Hand.


And when you Rise to Fight Again in the Eternal Battle, I will Salute you. For you will be but Another in my Band of Brothers, fighting Bravely, in a War Without End. Until that Happy Day.


Respectful Salutations to an Honored Foe, etc., etc.