5/2/02 Session – Rehash


On the 5th day of Tarak’s month, in the year 825 since Ambrose drove the last Eldren from Yrkenland, the party stood by the banks of a small stream and surveyed their accomplishments. Eight days of travel deep into Tristram province had so far yielded little and cost much. Mighty Loric had fallen…Tam, unhinged by his experience with Common, declared adventuring a foolish endeavor and departed for home, still clutching the stone head of the little girl, slain so many years ago by the Eldren.


The remaining group…dour Tanax, Leviticus with his raucous pet crow “Crawdad”, quiet Archimedes and the exceedingly odd Farmer Dross discussed the plan. Lacking any sort of plan, most of the group took a day of rest, while Dross strode north to stretch his legs.


Dross returned looking rather rumpled, and from his weariness may have stretched more than his gangly legs. Nevertheless, he returned with an interesting find…a map, notations in Duke Erekose’s own hand, indicating a tower of some sort to be found not a day’s travel to the north. Where Dross came upon the thing he would not say, but the map was a clear path to begin striking back at the Duke. At least, investigation may reveal the source of his interest. The party set forth, accompanied by the Duke’s man, Brax, and the slightly more relaxed but no less dangerous Lyrch…err…Church.


Traveling on the remains of an old Yrken road, the stalwart band used the map to efficiently reach the location indicated. Although nothing had been evident from a distance, an odd sight presented itself as if from thin air. A large swath of dead ground surrounded an eerie black tower, seemingly crafted of obsidian. Even stranger, the tower itself was enveloped by a gaggle of twisted, unnaturally shaped trees which looked as if they clutched the tower in an embrace.


While the party bravely surmised the situation from a good safe distance, a deep voice boomed from a nearby oak. The encounter with a creature of legend, a mighty treant, did not phase our fearless adventurers in the slightest. The treant, which called itself Entwhistle, described some of how the trees came to surround the tower, discussing a pact made years ago with the Eldren. Entwhistle also remarked that the Eldren have not seemed themselves for some time, and sadly, one had resorted to harvesting his forest without even so much as a “hello”. If the party would investigate this for him he would gladly keep the trees surrounding the tower, as well as the others in his massive forest, from thrashing them into little greasy bits of fertilizer. Our brave band saw no issues with this deal with the noble treant, and proceeded to investigate the tower.


Climbing the twisted mass of limbs the party easily ascended the top of the strange tower. A door into the lower chambers was opened, releasing a sickly sweet cloud of green gas. Sturdy Tanax reeled from a whiff of the stuff and indeed looked very green about the gills. Our brave party lowered a lantern down upon a rope, where the skeletal remains of guards in Yrken battle arms lay on the floor. Another door offered progress deeper into the tower. After a courageous pause to allow the gas to dissipate, the party proceeded.


To their credit, our stalwart band did not flinch when the room below proved to filled with a great many more corpses…and, perhaps unimpressed after an encounter with a legendary treant,  barely batted an eye when the skeletons arose to battle them. With a fierce battle cry of “…”, Archimedes unleashed magical fire and missiles upon the undead, and ten of the fiends were quickly dispatched. The battle yet rages, and the fate of our heroes is still to be determined…