The Citadel of Vagnicae


When Duke Errant led the Yrken north against the Loor, he had a place in mind for his capitol. On a bay known to all as the Harbor of the Rock, the Loor had constructed a small fishing village. The harbor was smooth as glass in the wildest storm, and the great Rock shielded the village from the worst of the ocean’s weather. Errant had in mind very much more, and when he completed his conquest, began the construction of the great city of Vagnicae, Victor’s Home in the old tongue.


As the city grew, the Duke was not unaware of the danger the Loor would continue to be, so he commenced to build a mighty citadel on the Rock. There, his martial strength would have a base to assure that none could reach the harbor, and should the times require it, an unassailable fortress from which to both defend and attack. Natural caverns provided a promising home for his small fleet, and the volcanic stone yielded beneath his builders tools. Within five years of its founding, Vagnicae was protected by the mightiest fortress in the West.


But when the Eldren came, the Citadel proved to be no barrier. Survivors only report that great fires swept over the place in the dawn of the attack, and when the Eldren fleet sailed into the harbor, the Citadel offered no response. Now it sits, blackened and crumbling on the Rock. None who’ve shown the audacity to explore it have ever returned, and the current inhabitants of the ruins of Vagnicae, the Sea Lords, forbid all from even landing there. For they say the Eldren left guardians that still hunger to kill Ken, and nothing, not even the rumored Treasury, is worth that.


Surface Level


The surface level is in sad shape. Completely burnt out by the Eldren assault, the three great towers are simply hollowed out husks. A great profusion of sea birds nest here, and provide ample food for the cave fishers that live in the large complex.


The central tower still holds the elevators that allow movement up and down the great shaft. Smoke billows lazily from it. Two of the platforms are still functional, and can be used by any collection of party members with a combined strength of 30.


(see reference below for Cave Fishers)


A gaggle of giant spiders has also established itself here, living well on the constant stream of sea birds, etc. They avoid the cave fishers area carefully.


(see reference below)




The great sub-level was once a place of majesty, where confident elite troops gathered to dine and regale in their luck at serving a powerful Duke. When the Eldren attacked, they died without striking a blow, gagging on the choking smoke, scorched by the flames.


The Eldren left one particularly distasteful guardian here, and it’s boredom, like it’s lifespan, is eternal. It has turned the remains of the sub-level into a macabre gallery of horrors, while it sits and imbibes the smoke that drifts up from the deep level. Occasionally a critter finds its way here, to end its life in the torturous hands of a Smoke Mephit (see ref below)


The Mephit currently lairs in the old Duke’s quarters, and has there gathered things that amuse it. All of value has been destroyed, and the evidence of many art objects, heirlooms, and other things useful to Ken are now part of its obscene “garbage” sculptures


1)       The Great Shaft – The shaft continues here, dense smoke billowing up from the deep level. The choking fumes fill the level, and players must save vs. poison at +4 each turn or suffer its effects (-2 to hit, -2 on AC, -2 on init). Only a full turn in fresh air removes the effects.

2)       Eldren Wards – As in the deep level, wards of Eldren script float here, and can be dispelled as per spell vs. 11th level mage. The mephit can not cross the wards

3)       The Grand Hall – Once the hall where the Duke and his officers feasted, the place is now an obscenity. The corpses of soldiers have been arrayed as for fine dining, with scorched napkins in their laps and the Duke’s flatware and silver plate set out. Resting on the plates are the heads of each soldier, still in their battle helms. All of the armor and weapons here are useless, but the corroded plate and flatware can be collected and sold (32 settings, silver, bulky and heavy with Tristram engravings)

4)       Kitchens – The once grand kitchen has been transformed into a house of horrors, with the cooks arrayed as if chopping up and cooking pieces of soldiers. One turns on a spit, three more are in a large soup kettle, with one stirring the soup himself…another cook dices his own fingers.

5)       Storerooms – Nothing of value…debris and charred remains.

6)       Elite Troopers barracks – Signs of luxury…troughs for running water, latrine holes, the charred remains of once fine furniture. Among it all, the mephit has built a gallery of perversion…three soldiers are arrayed, one bf-ing another that crouches at the third’s lap, while the third drives his sword through the first…and worse. Evidence of a circle jerk and the elephant dance can be seen…

7)       The Duke’s Hall – The grand entrance contains a statue of the first Duke of the Line, Errol, in this richly columned hall…once glorious tapestries are charred and frayed. The mephit has used rubble to give the statue an appearance of holding a huge member out into the room, where elite guards corpses have been arrayed, kneeling in worship, their heads in their hands. Obscene artwork is everywhere, and once valuable items lay destroyed in piles…a vase holds the remains of ten wands, each having been broken into three pieces, and put back together randomly.

8)       The mephit’s lair – The Duke’s bedroom has become a monument to boredom…the mephit will make his last stand here. His treasure:

a.       1142 g.p.

b.       11276 s.p.

c.        15 gems

d.       1890 gem fragments

e.        200 fragments of weapons, armor, other magical items…ouch.


Deep Level


The heart of the Citadel was the Deep Level, where both the prisoners of the infamous dungeons of the Duke and his greatest treasures were stored. Here was where the platinum bars of the Treasury were stored, stacked to the ceiling…it is also the lair of the guardian the Eldren left behind…a salamander from the plane of fire. The creature is near mad with hunger, and enraged at its abandonment. Still, it remembers its oppressors, and given the option, will bargain for the opportunity to destroy them, if the party will…feed it. Now where will they find enough fuel to feed a salamander? There are strong wards at all entrances to this level, which can be effaced with a successful dispel magic. The entire area burns with eerie, animated fires, and the heat is oppressive. For every turn in this level, one point of strength and constitution is lost, regained by one round of full rest per point lost. Fire Snakes roam through the area:

                Fire Snakes

                                # Appearing: 1-4

                                AC: 6

                                MV: 3

                                HD: 2

                                HP: 10 each

                                ATT: 1

                                DMG: 1-4 plus flammable

                                SA: Paralyzation through entangling, burning bite (save or 1d4 more)

                                SD: Immune to fire


1)       The Shaft – The great shaft continues here, offering access to the Sea Level and above.

2)       Eldren Wards – Floating in the air, Eldren runes glow with an unholy light. The salamander can not pass the wards. They can be destroyed with a dispel magic spell, beating the efforts of a 11th level mage.

3)       The Dungeon – The infamous dungeon of Duke Errant has been burned out by the salamander, and contains little but charred bones and ash. The scorched remains of torture devices litter the room behind the guard station.

4)       The Pantheon – In a soaring room with high carved columns, frescoes once depicted…something…they have all been scorched. Puddles of what were once perhaps golden works of art litter the floor. The heat is oppressive, for in what was once the decadent fountain in the center, lurks the guardian…a salamander named Krak. Summoned with its brothers by the Eldren to clear the Citadel, it did its job willingly, only to be trapped there when the Eldren’s purpose was complete. It is…pissed off, and will assault any intruders mercilessly.

a.       Krak – Salamander

AC: head – 5, body 3

HD: 7+7

HP: 56

ATT: 2

DMG: weapon (1-6 +6), tail (2-12 plus constrict)

SA: Heat, 10’ radius (1-6)

SD: +1 or better to hit, immune to fire


5)       Store-rooms – Here was where the Duke kept the arms his men would need…all is now a massive lump of twisted swords, spear heads, etc, glowing moltenly.

6)       The Treasury – Ah, the treasures of a powerful Duke! Unfortunately for whoever finds them, most have been destroyed by Krak, or at least melted. Those that remain reside here. All containers, etc., have long since been reduced to ash…engraved panels of metal survive, depicting what would appear to be Ambrit himself passing the Sword of the Morning around the room, ending with it in the hands of Duke Errant!

a.       Molten pool of platinum (the Treasury!) – 30000 pp total, weight 600 lbs.

b.       Molten pool of gold – 10000 gp total, weight 100 lbs.

c.        Gems – 42x100 gp gems, 121x 50 gp gems, 13 x 500 gp gems, 3 x 1000 gp gems, 1 x 5000 gp

d.       The good stuff – Axe of Hurling +2, Bluesteel Buckler +2 (odd insignia), Folding Boat, Ring of Chameleon Power (15 charges), Luck Stone,  Potion of Longevity (* over-cooked…will cause AGING of 1d12 years, 1 turn onset. 2 doses) in Alchemist’s Flask (resists fire, cold, physical damage…stone)

e.        The burnt good stuff – Buckle Knife +3 (no belt), 20 x +1 arrow heads, 2 x Burnt books, 13 x broken bottles, Melted gauntlets

Sea Level


Conceived by the Duke as an impregnable place to harbor his small flotilla of warships, the Sea Level consists of a natural cavern that was enlarged and fortified. With a deep draught and soaring ceilings, the cavern held his fleet safe from storms, but not the Eldren. The smell of dead fish in the place is overpowering (save vs. poison at +4 per turn, or overcome w/nausea). This is due to another Eldren guardian, vampiric mists

                Vampiric Mists (3)

                                AC: 4 (8 when visible)

                                MV: 12 (6 when visible)

                                HD: 3

                                HP: max 24, current 4 each

                                AT: 1

                                DMG: 1-8 (blood drain) (adds hp on success)

                                SA: Hit 4 above needed, auto until killed

                                SD: ˝ of all dmg goes to victim, +1 or better to hit

                                                (if visible, all weapons/spells can hit)


1)       Sea Gates – These massive portcullises were closed in the initial phase of the Eldren assault. When it was clear that the battle was lost, there were no soldiers left to open them, and the Duke’s fleet was trapped and destroyed here. There are petrified soldiers at the arrow slits, and other debris, but nothing of value.

2)       The Gate Landing – A solitary soldier stands at the end of the quay, petrified in a running stance.

3)       The Quays – These stone quays formed the landing zone for the boats of the large ships, and the means by which people and supplies were delivered to the Citadel. Several dockworkers are preserved here, petrified in their fear.

4)       The Yard – The booms and derricks here signify the role of this wide yard. Used for unloading and loading cargo, it is also surrounded by a low stone wall. The crumbling towers boast a large ballista each, but nothing of value remains. Petrified soldiers are in abundance.

5)       The Shaft – This is the lower terminus of the great shaft, with three platforms offering transport to the upper levels. The great steel door was never broken by the Eldren though it shows signs of a serious assault. The soldiers here escaped petrification, only to face the wrath of the Guardian…all that remains are blackened bone, scorched steel, and ash.

6)       Three Masts – A massive Yrken dreadnaught rests on the bottom, sunk by the Eldren and decayed by time. Diving may yield loot. *

7)       Two Masts – An Yrken sloop rests on the bottom. Diving may yield loot. *

8)       A Prow – The prow of an Yrken sloop juts above the water, the craft only partially sunk. Oddly, all of the prow jutting above the water is stone…

9)       The Swan – Visible beneath the waves, an Eldren ship rests on the bottom. Formed as a swan, it failed to escape when the remaining Yrken finally closed the sea gates. Diving may yield loot. *

10)   The Vengeance – This craft is intact, and bears the name “Vengeance” on its prow. A rowed war galley, it is sleek and in fair condition given its age. It is, however inhabited by a slave…breaking with all Yrken tradition, Duke Errant at one time used prisoners as rowers. When the Eldren attacked, the unfortunate prisoners were left chained to their oars. One victim, filled with hate, has become a revenant. Dori has a brand on his head labeling him “115” (!!!) and is chained to his oar…if freed, he will begin seeking his target…the head of the house of Tristram!

a.       Dori the Revenant

AC: 10

HD: 8

MV: 9

HP: 64

AT: 1

DMG: 2-16

SA: Chokes until victim unconscious, can’t be stopped

SD: Dismemberment, etc., irrelevant, all damage temporary, only fire permanent


                Dori will immediately seek his vengeance. He can communicate to a limited degree.






The Citadel – Mega Monsters


Mist, Vampiric


CLIMATE/TERRAIN:                               Non-arctic/Swamps and subterranean           

FREQUENCY:                                            Rare    

ORGANIZATION:                                    Solitary              

ACTIVITY CYCLE:                                   Night  

DIET:                                                          Blood 

INTELLIGENCE:                                       Average (8-10)  

TREASURE:                                              (D)     

ALIGNMENT:                                           Neutral evil        

NO. APPEARING:                                    1-3      

ARMOR CLASS:                                      4 (8 when substantial)      

MOVEMENT:                                            12 (6 when substantial)    

HIT DICE:                                                  3         

THAC0:                                                      See below           

NO. OF ATTACKS:                                  1         

DAMAGE/ATTACK:                                1-8      

SPECIAL ATTACKS:                               See below           

SPECIAL DEFENSES:                              See below           

MAGIC RESISTANCE:                            See below           

SIZE:                                                           M (5'-8' tall)       

MORALE:                                                  Elite (13-14)       

XP VALUE:                                                270     



These gaseous monsters prey on all living creatures, enveloping them with their gaseous tendrils, then draining their blood for food.

    Vampiric mists appear as thick, billowing clouds, 5 to 8 feet in diameter. Color ranges from pale pink when hungry to crimson red when sated. Vampiric mists speak no language, but they communicate through a limited form of telepathy. These creatures reek of old blood and are often smelled before seen.

Combat: Vampiric mists automatically sense the presence of any warm-blooded creature within 50 feet. Hungry mists take the shortest route possible to the victim, navigating by touch, flowing easily over water or through narrow cracks. Their path can be blocked by nonporous obstacles, but vampiric mists are intelligent and if any reasonable path exists they will find it.

    All vampiric mists have maximum hit points (8 per die) when full, but they are almost never encountered in this state. For each 12 hours a mist goes unfed, it loses 1 hit point. Vampiric mists whose hit point totals reach 0 due to starvation die. To regain hit points, vampiric mists must drain fresh blood from living victims (hence the mist's name). For each 2 hit points of blood drained, the mist regains 1 hit point.

    A vampiric mist may attack one victim per round by reaching out with a gaseous tendril. Targets of a vampiric mist are treated as AC 10. Modify this number by the victim's Dexterity, and by the magical protection worn (+1, +2, etc.) but ignore magical shields. The touch of a vampiric mist drains 1d8 points of blood. A hit 4 above the needed to hit number means the mist has enveloped its victim. Enveloped victims are automatically hit each round until either the mist dies, finishes feeding, or retreats. Attacks by other characters against an enveloping vampiric mist divide their damage evenly -- half against the mist, half against the victim. Only the enveloped victim may attack the mist without harm to himself, However, because of the disorienting effect of rapid blood loss, enveloped victims may not use any spells or magical devices that require concentration.

    While blood draining is mainly used to feed, the ability can also be used in defense by sated vampiric mists. Extra blood is simply dumped upon the ground.

    Normally, a vampiric mist is damaged only by magical weapons or by spells that effect air. Lightning bolt and magic missile are also effective. However, immediately after reaching maximum hit points a vampiric mist takes on substance. This substantial stage last 1d6 turns. During this time the mist's movement rate slows to 6, its AC drops to 8, and it may be hit by normal weapons.

    Blood draining is not a form of regeneration; a mist that loses hit points in combat must heal those points normally. Keep track of a mist's current hit points and its maximum possible for that combat (this total starts at 24 and goes down with damage caused to the mist). Each time the mist is wounded, reduce both the current hit points and the maximum. If the current hit point total ever reaches 0, the mist dies. Hit points gained by draining blood are added to the current hit points, which cannot exceed the maximum total (24 minus damage to the mist). Hit points lost due to starvation are subtracted from the current hit points only. The current hit points may never exceed the mist's maximum hit point total. (After the current battle is over, the maximum hit point totals for any surviving mists return to 24.)




Elemental Fire-Kin


                                                                    Salamander                                       Fire Snake                                                

CLIMATE/TERRAIN:                               Special                                                Fires                                                           

FREQUENCY:                                            Rare                                                     Uncommon                                                

ORGANIZATION:                                    Pack                                                    Pack                                                           

ACTIVITY CYCLE:                                   Any                                                     Any                                                            

DIET:                                                          Omnivore                                            Fire                                                             

INTELLIGENCE:                                       High (13-14)                                       Semi- (2-4)                                                 

TREASURE:                                              F                                                          Q                                                                

ALIGNMENT:                                           Chaotic evil                                         Neutral                                                      

NO. APPEARING:                                    2-5                                                       1-6                                                              

ARMOR CLASS:                                      5/3                                                      6                                                                 

MOVEMENT:                                            9                                                          4                                                                 

HIT DICE:                                                  7+7                                                      2                                                                 

THAC0:                                                      13                                                        19                                                               

NO. OF ATTACKS:                                  2                                                          1                                                                 

DAMAGE/ATTACK:                                2-12, 1-6 (weapon)                             1-4                                                              

SPECIAL ATTACKS:                               Heat 1-6                                              Paralyzation                                              

SPECIAL DEFENSES:                              +1 or better to hit                               Immune to fire                                          

MAGIC RESISTANCE:                            Nil                                                       Nil                                                              

SIZE:                                                           M (7' long)                                          S (2'-3' long)                                               

MORALE:                                                  Elite (13)                                             Steady (11)                                                

XP VALUE:                                                2,000                                                   120                                                             



Salamanders are natives of the elemental plane of Fire, and thus they thrive in hot places. These cruel, evil creatures come to the Prime Material plane for reasons known only to them.

                The head and torso of a salamander is copper-colored and has a human-like appearance. Most of the time (80%), this aspect is a male, with flaming beard and moustache. The female version has flowing, fiery red hair. Both aspects have glowing yellow eyes that sometimes switch to fluorescent green. All aspects carry a shiny metal spear, resembling highly polished steel.

                The lower torso is that of a large snake, with orange coloring shading to dull red at the tail end. The entire body is covered with wispy appendages that appear to burn but are never consumed.


Combat: A salamander typically attacks with its metal spear, which inflicts 1d6 points of damage plus a like amount for the spear's heat. At the same time, it can lash out and coil around an opponent with its snake-like tail, constricting for 2d6 points of damage, plus an additional 1d6 points of damage from the heat of its body. While fire-resistant creatures do not suffer from the salamander's heat damage, they are still subject to the spear and constriction damage.

                Salamanders can be affected only by magical weaponry or by creatures of a magical nature or those of 4+1 or more Hit Dice. They are impervious to all fire-based attacks. Sleep, charm, and hold spells are ineffective against them. Cold-based attacks cause an additional 1 point of damage per die of damage. The head and upper body of the salamander has an AC of 5, while the lower body is AC 3.

                A favorite salamander tactic, if the creature is encountered in a lava pit or roaring fire, is to grab its opponents and hurl them into the flames. The victim would naturally take damage from contact with the salamander, then take even more from being thrown inside a roaring conflagration.


Habitat/Society: Salamanders are native to the elemental plane of Fire. They come to the Prime Material plane for reasons known only to them, though it is rumored that powerful wizards and priests of certain religions can summon them for a short time. Salamanders hate cold, preferring temperatures of 300 degrees or more; they can abide lower temperatures for only a few hours. Their lairs are typically at least 500 degrees. Any treasure found there is the sort that can survive this heat, such as swords, armor, rods, other ferrous items, and jewels. Things of a combustible nature, such as parchment and wood, soft metals such as gold and silver, and liquids, which quickly boil away, are never found in salamander lairs.

                Having a nasty disposition and an evil bent, salamanders respect only power, either the ability to resist their fire or the capability to do great damage. Anyone else is dealt a painful, slow, burning death. It is rumored that they have some sort of dealings with the efreeti.

                When encountered on the Prime plane, salamanders can be found playing in forest fires, lava flows, fire pits, and other areas of extreme heat. They usually appear on the Prime plane for a purpose, and if in the middle of a task they do not take kindly to being interrupted.


Ecology: These fiery creatures' ichor is useful in the creation of potions of fire resistance, and the metal of their spears can be used to create rings of fire resistance.


Fire Snake

                Some sages say that fire snakes are larval salamanders. Fire snakes, colored in shades from blood-red to orange, are always found in fires. Some large permanent fires contain 1d6 of these creatures, though in smaller, temporary fires like fire pits and oil bowls, there may be but one snake. The only treasure the snakes have is the gems they often accumulate.

                Since their color matches their surroundings, they can surprise opponents easily (-4 penalty to opponents' surprise rolls). Their bite inflicts 1d4 points of damage and injects a mild venom that causes paralyzation of the victim for 2d4 turns unless a saving throw vs. poison is successful.


Cave Fisher


CLIMATE/TERRAIN:                               Subterranean     

FREQUENCY:                                            Rare    

ORGANIZATION:                                    Group

ACTIVITY CYCLE:                                   Night  

DIET:                                                          Carnivorous       

INTELLIGENCE:                                       Semi- (2-4)         

TREASURE:                                              Any    

ALIGNMENT:                                           Neutral              

NO. APPEARING:                                    1-4      

ARMOR CLASS:                                      4         

MOVEMENT:                                            1         

HIT DICE:                                                  3         

THAC0:                                                      17 or 15 (see below)          

NO. OF ATTACKS:                                  2         

DAMAGE/ATTACK:                                2-8 (2d4)/2-8 (2d4)          

SPECIAL ATTACKS:                               Adhesive trapline              

SPECIAL DEFENSES:                              See below           

MAGIC RESISTANCE:                            Nil      

SIZE:                                                           M (7' long)         

MORALE:                                                  Steady (11-12)   

XP VALUE:                                                175     



The cave fisher is a large insectoid that has adapted to life below ground. It combines many of the characteristics of a spider and a lobster.

                The cave fisher has a hard, chitinous shell of overlapping plates and eight legs. The 6 rear legs are used for movement and traction on stony walls and corridors. Because of these limbs, the fisher has no difficulty in moving up and down vertical walls. The front pair of legs are equipped with powerful pincers, which are used for killing and dismembering prey. The most unusual feature of the cave fisher is its long snout, which can fire a strong, adhesive filament. The monster can also use its adhesive to anchor itself in place on walls and ledges.


Combat: The cave fisher has two ways of hunting. Its preferred method is to string its long filament in the vicinity of its lair. The filaments are thin and strong, making them exceedingly difficult to detect or cut. There is only a 20% chance of noticing the strand at 10', and no chance at all of seeing them at a greater distance. A detect snares and pits spell will reveal a strand. The filament is coated with an adhesive which can only be dissolved by liquids with a high alcohol content (such as the cave fisher's blood). The filaments can only be cut by +1 or better edged weapons.

                The fisher's favorite food are small, flying creatures like bats. Ever opportunistic, they are constantly trying to vary their diet by trapping a careless adventurer, foolish goblin, or orc (provided that they think that they can get away with it). If more than one fisher inhabits a lair, they will frequently pool their resources to catch larger prey. Once the victim is trapped in the filament, the cave fisher draws its prey in, reeling its filament in like a fishing line.

                Should a tempting target escape the monster's neatly laid traps, the cave fisher will try another mode of attack. It will spend one round drawing its filament in and then shoot it at the prey, striking as a 6 Hit Die monster. It will try to snare its prey in this manner so long as it remains within the fisher's established territory. If the prey is hit by the filament, the monster can pull a weight of up to 400 pounds at a movement rate of 15' per round. In the event that a ``tug of war'' breaks out, the fisher has a strength of 18/00 with its strand.


Habitat/Society: Cave fishers prefer living on ledges and caves located above well-traveled paths, sharing their lairs with others of their kind. No more than four cave fishers will be found in one lair. Their filaments are always strung before their lair, and they attempt to kill anything they trap, often storing food for future use.

                Their territories are very small, and never larger than about 300 feet to either side of the lair. Anything man-sized or smaller is considered fair game by the cave fisher and halflings are thought to be tasty treats. A single cave fisher would never attack a large, well armed party for the sake of a single meal. Still, they are cunning, and a group of the monsters might reel in their filaments and attempt an ambush if they thought they could get away with it. If hunting in one area becomes scarce, the cave fisher will simply find a new area to hunt, where the small game is more plentiful and careless.

                Like all predators, the cave fisher is interested in survival. This means a steady supply of food and a mate. Females lay eggs in the vicinity of the lair, which they protect from predators. The young scatter when the eggs hatch, seeking lairs of their own.

                Although the cave fisher does not collect treasure, its lair is often strewn with the possessions of its former victims.


Ecology: The cave fisher preys primarily on small flying game, and in the subterranean world this frequently means a diet of bats. It is not the top predator in its ecological niche, and has learned caution in dealing with other monsters. The cave fisher is sufficiently intelligent to know the dangers of preying on large, well-organized groups, who might grow tired of its depredations and hunt it to extinction. The monster instinctively picks the easiest route for survival, and relies on stealth and cunning to trap its prey and avoid being eaten itself.

                The filaments of the cave fisher are highly prized by many thieves' guilds, for they can be made into thin and very strong rope which is nearly invisible. The filaments are wound onto reels and then specially treated to dilute the adhesive. The resulting strands are made into ropes, while the diluted adhesive is turned into a special solution, which when applied to gloves and boots, greatly increases traction for climbing.




CLIMATE/TERRAIN:                               Any    

FREQUENCY:                                            Very rare            

ORGANIZATION:                                    Solitary              

ACTIVITY CYCLE:                                   Night  

DIET:                                                          Not applicable   

INTELLIGENCE:                                       See below           

TREASURE:                                              Nil      

ALIGNMENT:                                           Neutral              

NO. APPEARING:                                    1         

ARMOR CLASS:                                      10       

MOVEMENT:                                            9         

HIT DICE:                                                  8         

THAC0:                                                      13 (base)            

NO. OF ATTACKS:                                  1         

DAMAGE/ATTACK:                                2-16    

SPECIAL ATTACKS:                               Paralyzation      

SPECIAL DEFENSES:                              See below           

MAGIC RESISTANCE:                            See below           

SIZE:                                                           M (5'-6')             

MORALE:                                                  See below           

XP VALUE:                                                3,000  



Revenants are vengeful spirits that have risen from the grave to destroy their killers.

    The revenant appears as a spectral, decayed version of its appearance at the time of its death. Its pallid skin is drawn tightly over its bones. The flesh is cold and clammy. The sunken eyes are dull and heavy-lidded but, when the revenant faces his intended victim, the eyes blaze with unnatural intensity. The revenant bears an aura of sadness, anger, and determination.


Combat: A revenant attacks by hooking its claw-like hands around its victim's throat. This strangulation causes 2d8 points of damage each round. It will not release its grip until either the revenant is destroyed or its victim is dead. It never uses weapons.

    If the revenant stares into its victim's eyes, that person must roll a successful saving throw vs. spell or be paralyzed with terror for 2d4 rounds. This power affects only the revenant's killer.

    If a revenant is dismembered, the severed parts act independently, as though guided by the revenant's mind. The revenant's willpower causes the parts to reunite. It can also regenerate 3 hit points of damage each round, except for fire damage. It is immune to acid and gas. Although a revenant's body can be cut apart by normal or magical weapons, the damage is temporary and does not destroy the revenant. Only burning destroys a revenant -- the original body must be completely consumed and reduced to ash.

    Although it is undead, the revenant is motivated entirely by self-will. Therefore, as it is not inherently evil, it is not affected by holy water, holy/unholy symbols, or other religious paraphernalia. It cannot be turned by priests nor can it be raised or resurrected.


Habitat/Society: Under exceptional circumstances, a character who has died a violent death may rise as a revenant from the grave to wreak vengeance on his killer(s). In order to make this transition, two requirements must be met. The dead character's Constitution must be 18 and either his Wisdom or Intelligence must be greater than 16. Also, the total of his six ability scores must be 90 or more. Even if these conditions are met, there is only a 5% chance that the dead character becomes a revenant.

    If both Intelligence and Wisdom are over 16, the chance increases to 10%. If Intelligence, Wisdom, and Constitution are all 18, the creature can shift at will into any freshly killed humanoid, if the revenant rolls a successful saving throw vs. death.

    If the character died a particularly violent death, it may be unable to reoccupy its original body. In this case, the spirit occupies any available, freshly-dead corpse. However, the revenant's killer and associates always see the revenant as the person they killed.

    The revenant retains all the abilities it possessed in its previous life and has at least the hit points and saving throws of an 8-Hit Die creature. Its alignment is neutral, regardless of its alignment in life. It can converse fluently in its original language, although the stiffness of its vocal cords deters it from speaking except under extreme circumstances, such as when casting a spell at its killer.

    The sole purpose of the revenant's brief existence is to wreak vengeance on its killer, together with anyone who may have aided in the murder. It stops at nothing to achieve its purpose and can locate its intended victim wherever he may be. Accomplices are also tracked down if they are in the company of the killer, but if they are elsewhere they are ignored until the killer is dealt with. If the associates of the killer are with him in a party, they are dealt with after the killer is dead.

    The revenant's body does decay, though at a slower rate than normal. Within three to six months, the corpse decomposes rapidly and the revenant's spirit returns to the plane from which it came. When the revenant has completed its mission, the body immediately disintegrates and its spirit finally rests in peace.

    A revenant does not attack innocents except in self-defense. If necessary, the revenant can use cunning to get to its prey.


Ecology: Revenants give murder victims a chance to avenge their own murders. They pursue their goals alone without desire or need for allies. However, if the revenant faces a

powerful foe able to destroy the revenant's new form, the revenant may decide to use adventurers as pawns in its quest.



                                                                Hairy                              Large                              Huge                               Giant             

CLIMATE/TERRAIN:                             Any non-                         Any non-                         Any non-                         Any non-        

                                                                arctic land                        arctic land                        arctic land                        arctic land       

FREQUENCY:                                        Common                          Common                          Common                          Uncommon     

ORGANIZATION:                                 Swarm                              Swarm                              Pack                                Nest

ACTIVITY CYCLE:                               Any                                 Any                                 Any                                 Any

DIET:                                                       Omnivore                        Carnivore                         Carnivore                         Carnivore        

INTELLIGENCE:                                    Low (5-7)                        Non-(0)                           Animal (1)                       Low (5-7)       

TREASURE:                                            Nil                                   J-N                                   J-N, Q                              C     

ALIGNMENT:                                         Neutral evil                      Neutral                             Neutral                             Chaotic evil    

NO. APPEARING:                                 1-20                                 2-20                                 1-12                                 1-8  

ARMOR CLASS:                                  8                                      8                                      6                                      4     

MOVEMENT:                                         12, Wb 9                          6, Wb 15                          18                                    3, Wb 12         

HIT DICE:                                              1-1                                   1+1                                  2+2                                  3+3 or 4+4      

THAC0:                                                  20                                    19                                    19                                    3+3 HD: 17     

                                                                                                                                                                                        4+4 HD: 15     

NO. OF ATTACKS:                               1                                      1                                      1                                      1     

DAMAGE/ATTACK:                              1                                      1                                      1-6                                   1-8  

SPECIAL ATTACKS:                            Poison                             See below                         See below                         See below        

SPECIAL DEFENSES:                            Nil                                   Nil                                   Nil                                   Nil  

MAGIC RESISTANCE:                         Nil                                   Nil                                   Nil                                   Nil  

SIZE:                                                       T (6" or less                     S (2'                                 M (6'                                L (8'-12'          

                                                                diameter)                         diameter)                         diameter)                         diameter)        

MORALE:                                              Average (10)                    Unsteady (7)                    Average (8)                      Elite (13)        

XP VALUE:                                             65                                    175                                  270                                  3+3 HD: 420   

                                                                                                                                                                                        Flying: 650     

                                                                                                                                                                                        4+4 HD: 650

                                                                                                                                                                                        Steeder: 975    

                                                                                                                                                                                        Trap door: 975


Spiders are aggressive predators, dwelling both above and below ground. Most listed here are poisonous and bite prey first, because unconscious victims are easier to carry to a lair.

    Spiders have eight legs and eight eyes. They usually fit into two categories: web-spinners, which have bulbous abdomens and thin, sleek legs; and hunting spiders, which have smaller bodies, larger heads and fangs, and hairy bodies and legs.


Huge Spider

Huge spiders are hunting spiders that prefer to hide in camouflaged tunnels and holes and wait to leap as much as 30 feet through the air at unsuspecting victims. Their opponents suffer a -6 to surprise rolls when attacked in this manner.

    Huge spiders also posses Type A poison, with the same effects as that of a large spider. Victims receive a +1 to saving throws vs. the poison of the huge spider.

                The watch spider is a specially bred, huge spider used as a guard animal in cellars, warehouses, and some drow homes. It has Low Intelligence (5-7) and can be trained to obey a master, not attack beings designated by the master, and to disable spellcasters. Their venom has an onset time of 1-2 rounds and causes paralysis for 2d4 turns, unless the victim makes a successful saving throw vs. poison (with a +1 on the roll). If starved for long periods, they often eat paralyzed prey.


                                                                Mist                                        Smoke                                    Steam

CLIMATE/TERRAIN:                             Any                                         Any                                         Any

FREQUENCY:                                        See below                                 See below                                 See below

ORGANIZATION:                                 Solitary                                    Solitary                                    Solitary

ACTIVITY CYCLE:                               Any                                         Any                                         Any

DIET:                                                       Special                                     Special                                     Special

INTELLIGENCE:                                    Average (8-10)                        Average (8-10)                        Average (8-10)

TREASURE:                                            N                                             N                                             N

ALIGNMENT:                                         Any evil                                   Any evil                                   Any evil

NO. APPEARING:                                 See below                                 See below                                 See below

ARMOR CLASS:                                  7                                              4                                              7

MOVEMENT:                                         12, FL 24 (B)                           12, FL                                      24 (B)

HIT DICE:                                              3+2                                          3                                              3+3

THAC0:                                                  17                                            17                                            17

NO. OF ATTACKS:                               2                                              2                                              2

DAMAGE/ATTACK:                              1/1                                           1-2/1-2                                    2-5/2-5   

SPECIAL ATTACKS:                            See below                                 See below                                 See below

SPECIAL DEFENSES:                            See below                                 See below                                 See below

MAGIC RESISTANCE:                         Nil                                           Nil                                           Nil          

SIZE:                                                       M (5' tall)                                M (5' tall)                                M (5' tall)               

MORALE:                                              Average (8-10)                        Average(8-10)                         Average (8-10)       

XP VALUE:                                             420                                          420                                          420         


Mephits are nasty little messengers created by powerful lower planes creatures. They are evil and malicious by nature and appear on the Prime Material Plane only to perform evil deeds. Six types of mephits are known: fire, ice, lava, mist, smoke, and steam. Each is created from the substance for which it is named.

            Mephits appear as thin, 5-foot humanoids with wings. Their faces have exaggerated features, including hooked noses, pointed ears, wide eyes, and protruding chins. Their skin continually oozes the stuff from which they were made. Mephits speak a common mephit tongue.


Combat: In battle, mephits attack with either clawed hands or breath weapons. Damage is variable depending on the type of mephit encountered. All mephits have the ability to gate in other mephits; the type gated in and percentage chance for success varies with the mephit initiating the gating (see below for details).


Habitat/Society: Mephits love tormenting helpless creatures and bragging about their latest evil accomplishments. They wear garish, vulgar costumes in bizarre colors and outrageous designs. They give themselves pompous, impossibly long names, such as Garbenaferthal-sprite-slayer-greatest-of-all-the-steam-mephits.


Smoke Mephit

Smoke mephits are crude and lazy. They spend most of their time lounging around invisible, smoking pipe weed, telling bad jokes about their creators, and shirking their responsibilities.

            Smoke mephits' two clawed hands cause 1-2 points of damage each. Their breath weapon consists of a sooty ball usable every other melee round, with no limit on the number of times it can be used in a day. The sooty ball automatically strikes one creature of the mephit's choice within 20 feet, causing ld4 points of damage and blinding the victim for 1-2 rounds. No saving throw is permitted.

            Smoke mephits may cast invisibility and dancing lights once each per day. Once per hour they can attempt to gate in 1-2 other mephits. The chance of success is 20%, with equal probability of the summoned mephits being fire, lava, smoke, or steam. If two mephits appear, they are of the same type.

                When a smoke mephit dies, it disappears in a flash of flame. The flash causes 1 point of damage to all creatures within 10 feet (no saving throw).