The Wounded Land – Minor Encounters


Insane Eldren - The Shipwright


Like many who came to the land of the primitives from Eldren-el, Cirdan had doubts about the wisdom of the mission. Yet, when asked by the High King to travel with Leoric and tend to the ships of the Expeditionary Force, he went willingly.


Garrisoned with a small force of warrior-wizards at the ruins of Vagnicae, he tended the fleet faithfully while miles away Eldren engineers revealed Deoduodenum. Faced with disturbing reports, he ventured with his ten most trusted warriors to investigate. By the time he arrived, chaos ruled as Diablo led Leoric and the Eldren host into depravity. Captured, tortured by his own people, his mind snapped. He fled, seeking to reach Vagnicae and prepare the fleet for survivors of the madness seeking to return home. Raving mad, Cirdan ended his journey in the vast forests north of the Ferus Hills, where he has been making ships, alone, in a land-locked region, ever since.


Cirdan has left a trail of 12 ships he’s completed rotting in his wake as chops through the vast forest. They are pinnacles of Eldren craft, but they will never see water…


If questioned, he will pompously describe the need to provide ships for his people to return to Eldren-el…if impeded in any way, he will attack mercilessly.


AC:         2

HD:        F8

HP:         (75) 70

MV:       12


# Att:     3/1 (Eldren Staff, 2x spec), else 3/2

Dmg per:             Staff 1-6 +5, Hammer 1-4 +1, Axe 1-8


SA:         SLA – Darkness/Light, faery fire, dancing lights, magic missile (8 total), detect magic, dispel magic/illusion, strength, scare, shatter      


SD:         Immune to sleep/charm – 90%; magic resistance – 66%;+2 vs all magic attacks; surprised 1 in 10


XP:  2400 + treasure


Equipment (* denotes enchanted)

*Eldren Chain + 3

*Eldren Cloak (tattered, fails 50%)

Ruined boots, belts, other clothing

Carpenter’s square, other construction tools

*Tool box (holding capability…same as 500 g.p. bag of holding, holds hammer,  chisels, etc.)

* Staff of Thorns + 2 (on nat 20 causes bleeding wound, requires spell to close, only Eldren can wield)

Blue-steel axe (Imperial, damaged –1)