The Tower of Malvagel


Built in the dark days of the 2nd Eldren War, the Tower was lost, and only recently was its curse removed and the tower claimed by a group of northern adventurers.


The history of the tower, or what remains of it, is chronicled only in the Journal of Malvagel.


Appearance: The tower is an imposing structure of sleek black stone, mirror bright, and of alien appearance. It rises 75 feet into the air, and is topped by a crenellated battlement of sharp black spikes that curve inwards. Light seems to bend around it, and though murder holes and arrow slits dot it’s surface, viewing whoever resides inside it’s walls seems impossible. It is surrounded by a patch of barren dust 100 yards in diameter. The interior of the tower contains nothing but rubble and garbage, all within long since deteriorated by the cursed fountain. The sole exceptions are the Fountain of Sustenance on the ground floor, and the nearby socket for the Keystone. The interior columns of the tower are carved with odd runes which glow with energy when the tower’s powers are used.


Terrain: The tower is in the midst of a small forest, and well hidden there. The only man-made feature close enough to note is an old Yrken road which runs north to south roughly two miles west of the tower. Hidden in the forest, the tower is exposed by a sinister clearing, where all the soil has been turned to bitter dust. The dust aggravates the skin and chokes the breath if contact is prolonged, and nothing seems to grow in it. Whether this signifies the remains of some past battle or is simply another troubling sign of the Wounded Land is not known. Nevertheless, the ground within 100 yards of the tower is completely flat and open, with no cover.


Capabilities: As depicted in the Journal, Malvagel made not only a strong defensive post but also an excellent location from which to spy upon the demons at Caer Eldren. The tower’s capabilities seem focused on this role. None of the tower’s features can be activated without the proper use of the Keystone, which has a socket conveniently located both outside the gate on the ground floor and inside, near the fountain.


Note – Most of the capabilities listed here have been inferred, and may not fully reflect the true nature of the tower. Specifically, the Journal claims that the tower is sovereign against all attacks, but this has not been tested by it’s current “owners”.


The Keystone: The only known means of controlling the tower is use of the single Keystone found inside when the curse was removed. Perfectly symmetrical, the stone has twelve sides, each with an indecipherable rune set in the center of each face. The two sockets seem designed for the stone, and placing the stone with certain runes oriented facing straight up activates the different powers of the tower.


Keystone face inserted oriented upwards:

1)       Sets off a clanging alarm

2)       Ten foot long black crystal spikes with barbed tips extrude from all exterior surfaces, and retract after ten minutes have passed

3)       Opens a hole in the featureless black crystal surrounding the ground floor gate and the top floor trap door

4)       The black crystal walls melt away around arrow slits and murder holes, allowing those inside to view or attack those outside

5)       Thick fog flows from the top of the tower and drifts down, covering a radius of 10 yards per round. The outer boundaries are not known, but the fog covers the tower completely, and the land surrounding. Persists only while the Keystone is in this position.

6)       The black crystal walls cover the arrow slits and murder holes, making them impenetrable to any attack

7)       The walls of the tower become transparent, allowing those inside to view outside as if looking through glass. Those outside can not see inside, however.

8)       The tower is shielded from sight. Nothing further away than 100 yards has even a slight chance of seeing it, within, the tower will appear as a shimmering black shadow. Repeating this placement reveals it.

9)       Brilliant white light, brighter than sunlight, exudes from the tower, lighting everything within 60’.

10)   The black crystal walls flow to cover all external doors, closed or open.

11)   Unknown…not tested.

12)   Bolts of lightning fill the entire tower and a 60-foot radius outside, devastating all who are not in the thaumaturgical circle facing the interior socket for the Keystone.


The Fountain of Sustenance – As referenced in the Journal, Malvagel created this bubbling pool in reverence for Yelaya, to sustain himself and his troops should supplies run low. A hearty drink of the fountain’s waters will have the effect of a full meal. Once the waters are removed from the fountain, they become only water, though exceptionally thirst-quenching.