The Wounded Land – Scenario Notes



Count Ector of Galava, with the unofficial clearance of the “Lord Protector”, has begun sending small parties of scouts into what the Yrken peasants call “The Wounded Land”…the wasteland previously known as Tristram province. The goal is a simple one…determine just what’s going on in a land that has for four years been under the sway of the Eldren demons. Attempts to reclaim the land from the Eldren have all ended in tragedy, being repulsed with great loss. Yet, for the past year, some scouts have reported peace and tranquility along the northern bank of the Troos. Some report a strong Eldren presence. Most do not return.


Count Ector needs information to defend his border, as well as to appease the refugees and hotheaded nobles who still call for a return to Tristram. There are a variety of adventurers, brave and foolish, willing to risk the dangers in the hope of reward. Whether the reward is service to the Yrken cause, or the more common yearning for notoriety and wealth, there is no shortage of those willing to risk the wrath of the Eldren. To a humanist like Count Ector, they are welcome, and sadly, expendable.


Ector has entrusted the administration of the scouts to his most trusted minister, Edici. The minister has full authority over the project, and it is warranted…he is ruthless, lacks Ector’s sentimentality, and has little faith. He is perfect for the task.


Edici has sent over twenty parties into the Wounded Land, one of which has returned with fragmented reports of great interest. Edici’s heart is hard…only the Count’s need for information matters. More are sent each month.


Edici and his lieutenant, Cromell, are the party’s first introduction. They are brusque, direct, and entirely unforgiving.




The party is to gather at the Weary Wench inn, in the village of Riverside. The mighty river Troos flows by carrying the gold of commerce, the flotsam of war, and the jetsam of all upstream. The village itself is dying on the vine…in the past a major crossing point, the troubled times have robbed it of the commerce that used to feed it.


The innkeeper Goot is the local agent of the Count, and will the party’s liason after the meeting with Edici. All interaction with the Count or the minister will be handled through Goot for the foreseeable future.


The Goals of the Count


Edici directs the recruits as follows:

1)       Scout Tristram – Information gathering is key. The party will be instructed to return as often as is required. Another group lost to the Wounded Land is of no value.

2)       Avoid Caer Eldren – The recruits will be directed to stay FAR away from the hive of evil once known as the village of Gloss-On-Renn…and now known to all as the fortress build by the Eldren on completion of their conquest of Tristram. Keeping far away from the Renn river or any of it’s tributaries is forcefully communicated.

3)       Find Duke Erekose – The renegade Duke is a traitor and a danger to all the Yrken people  near the Troos. The emphasis of this goal is on locating his stronghold. If the recruits are resourceful enough to capture or slay him, so much the better. Capture is preferred.

4)       Find Seanee, Son of Count Caw of Stratchclyde – Even with the number of sons Caw is rumored to have, the rescue of his missing legitimate son would gain favor. To Count Ector, Seanee is a friend and bright pupil, and his rescue would be richly rewarded. Seanee led a party to the ruins of Vagnicae five months ago. No word has been heard since.


The Rewards of Service

Edici and the Count know that risk earns reward:

1)       Each report filed and accepted on notable events in Tristram earns each party member 100 gold coins.

2)       The location of Erekose’s stronghold will yield a significant (unstated) reward, and earn the respect of even Edici. A secondary mission is likely.

3)       The safe return of Seanee will yield a 1000 g.p. reward for each party member from Count Ector’s treasury, and an unstated reward from Caw when he is notified. A secondary mission is likely.

4)       All treasure found by the party is there’s. No tax. No exclusions save for religious relics.

5)       Each party member is given an iron signet ring to denote his service to Ector.

6)       Edici will be sure that loyal service earns the Count’s increasing favor.