Summary of Recent History – Yrkenland, associated lands and peoples


824 DE – The brave band begins its adventure.

822 DE – Duke Erekose goes renegade and takes those loyal to him across the Troos. Declaring that all who will not follow him are not Yrken, he commences to raid North Yrkenland for supplies and arms. The Lord Protector names him an enemy of the Yrken Cause and places a 100,000 g.p bounty on his head.

821 DE – The 2nd Eldren War. General Prava leads the army of the North against the Eldren invaders and is routed. Prava and the wizards known as the First and Third of the Protector, as while as thousands of others go missing in the Wounded Land of Tristram. The Yrken take horrific casualties, with some entire armies lost to the man. The Lord Protector forbids crossing the Troos, on penalty of death.

818 DE – The 1st Eldren War. The Eldren land at Vagnicae, Tristram Province, and take the city in a storm of fire and wizardry, reducing it to ruin. Eldren ships fill the harbor, and an army of 10000 Eldren fans out to the west, northwest, and southwest, conquering all the lands north and east of the Troos and south of the Iron Mountains. Tens of thousands of Yrken are killed, predominantly with Eldren weapons that petrify the victim. Thousands more flee in ragged refugee caravans. The Duke of Tristram unwillingly flees with his retainers and the remainder of his forces to Galava Province. The Eldren begun construction of a fortress at the site of an isolated mining village called Gloss-On-Renn, which will be later known as Caer Eldren. Their purpose is unknown, but all who approach the place never return.

818 DE – General Prava defeats the King’s army at Nodpesken in the Summer Country. The King’s forces mercilessly burn and sack the city in their retreat, spurring further rebellion against him. Facing the collapse of the Kingdom, the King’s ministers arrange a treat of peace with the Northern Lords, effectively splitting the country into autonomous North Yrkenland and the Kingdom of South Yrkenland.

817 DE – The Northern Lords declare Eracusin the Lord Protector of the North, and General Prava the Defender of the North, declaring North Yrkenland independent from the greater kingdom. The Protector gives his blessing to the young Duke of Tristram, Erekose Bainne and declares Tristram to be a new province of North Yrkenland in return for the support of his family. King Laertes declares open warfare against the rebels.

816 DE – The Loor of Charn attack “Tristram Province” in force, seeking to retake the land that Ambrose left to them. To support their attack they also cross the border in great strength in Strathclyde, Rheged, and Dyfed. Outnumbered and completely surprised by the ferocity and prowess of the Loor armies, the Yrken are nearly overrun. After a series of bloody battles, General Prava leads the army of the bastard Eracusin to victory, driving them back across their borders in disarray. Charn sues for peace, yielding Tristram to the Yrken.

799 DE – After years of battle the Northern Lords led by Eracusin, rumored to be the bastard son of Laeton, raised as a commoner, fight the Loor to stalemate. General Prava, once the King’s Defender, figures heavily in the critical battles, defeating the Loor against great odds more than once.

795 DE – Loor armies roam unchecked through the north of Yrkenland, and threaten to penetrate into the heartland. Loor scouts are seen outside the walls of the capital Nodpesken. The new King, Laertes son of Laeton, indicates his intent to sue for peace by apologizing personally for the incursion across the Troos and by demilitarizing the northern provinces. The nobles of the north, soon be to known as the “Northern Lords” rebel, followed by the King’s Mages, an assortment of powerful families, and trusted ministers. The King damns them as arrogant fools who reject the lessons of Ambrose for an oath-breaker. All of the King’s forces, and most of the strength of the south is withdrawn to the Summer Country to defend the heartland.

793 DE – King Laeton dies in his sleep at the age of 73. His son Laertes gains the throne.

793 DE – After a decade of silence, the Loor of Charn strike back, and five massive armies march into “Tristram Province” from five directions. Duke Errant, leading a daring raid, slays two of Charn’s five High Lords, but is killed while returning by a sole Loor sniper just outside the walls of Vagnicae. His teenage son Erekose carries his father’s body into Vagnicae, swearing to never leave Tristram, and leads the army of House Bainne to many small victories.

782 DE – Duke Errant, cousin to King Laeton disobeys his liege and strikes across the Troos with a great army of Yrken, proclaiming to take the rich land between the Iron Mountains and the Troos and make it a place where Yrken have “elbow room”. The Loor are completely stunned by the breaking of Ambrose’s promise and are driven with terrible loss out of the land. Duke Errant names the conquered area “Tristram Province” and threatens the Loor with their destruction if they should interfere. King Laeton stops short of naming the powerful Duke renegade, but effectively shows his displeasure by pulling all of the family’s lands and titles. The Duke responds…”Better to rule in Tristram than serve in the Summer Country.”