Grapa decides that he will go after the Female lizard alone. Before he leaves he gives a care package to Garion


When Grapa returns Draos will cast an illusion  of a dragon (male) to enrage and engage the real male dragon.


We strip down to what we need to fight the dragons and stow our gear “under a rock”



Tenax will only be wearing the following:

Bracers of Vampiric regeneration

Ring of Chamelion

The Boon

Potion of Hill Giant Strength

Continual light dagger


+3 Buckler

normal clothing




Grapa comes back and tells us that the shroom-Tenax’s have grown to fullness.


I bring Archie and Seanee to Grappa


Grapa carries Seanee to the entrance of the cavern,


Seanee knows the exact distance and approx # of the Tenax-o-shrooms.


There are ~300 fungi within range.


They, clearly, need to be cleansed with fire. Thus Archie.


Grapa kills one Hodor-o-shroom


Archie takes out a continual light dagger


About 2 dozen adventurer-o-shrooms


As the shrooms notice the light they start coming towards the party.


Archie unleashes the fury of fire once, and puts 50 out of their misery.


Archie continues for 8 more minutes.


Archie looks a little loopy, innervated. His pupils dialate.

Grapa goes to attack the dragon.


Archie goes with him.


Tenax goes to retrieve Archie, but the smoke prevents him.


Seanee arrives and starts casting.


We assume our positions and wait for the Grapa to return with the Dragon.


. . . .

. . . . . .


Grapa appears in shroom cave with the female dragon’s head.


Archie is confused and scared and hids in the shroom cave as Grapa and the dragon pass on the way to the attack cave.


Archie attacks its ass with fireball, doing 30 points.


The tail swipes around. It didn’t like being attacked in the ass, it continues to attack cave.


Grapa turns around in shroom cave and does 13pts before dropping Alcarg.


The male dragon claws Grapa handily. He takes 46pts.


Draos sends her illusory dragon in. The male sees it and is enraged.




Grapa sticks it a couple more times.


Archie attacks the dragon ass again for 35pts.


The dragon shoves Grapa aside and proceeds through the crevasse.


The dragon pitches forward.


Grapa dirves Alcarg through its head and strikes a pose.


Grapa and Archie seem to be effected in their minds.


Draos goes down in and is effected as well.


They are seeing dragons that aren’t there, and are not making coherent conversation.


Draos touches Alcarg – it burns him.




Grapa starts attacking the dead dragon.


Seanee neutralizes the poison that effects Grapa.


He realizes that he behaved recklessly.


Now we need to get Archie and Draos out of that cave.


Archie gets a dragon fang.


Grapa calls to the others, and appeals to their baser instincts.


Seanee neutralizes poison on Archie while Grapa distracts him with the possibility of other attackers.


Same scenario with Draos, but Seanee uses a hold poison – the poison will wear off before the hold poison wears off.



We retrieve our items.



REFER TO THE dragon as a drakolisk in our notes.


Seanee casts a cloud of pure air. Then a dust devel to move it around. He and Ambros clear the cave of the shroom smoke.


Grapa leads us to the drakolisk’s nest


We see shed scales, they are the exact shape as the “shield” that Garion carries.


Zamphire appears.


He plays a tune and an imperial soldier appears. Taller and more muscular than us.


Garion digs in the nest while Seanee directs him toward the magic items.







Treasure from drakolisk hoard:


  • Profusion of ancient coins  - we don’t recognize mint.
    • Silver – like American silver dollar – face has profile of woman. Back has two hands clasped together.
    • Gold – figure wearing a hood and crown, on back five pointed star – size of quarter and thick
  • Burnt out Pearl. Cracked gem size of fist. Faint magical aura – gem is burnt. Pearl.
  • Ivory Wand – gold ball at one end, silver at other – Wand of Training for novice wizards, wand of wonder.
  • Mirror wrapped in silk, which is attached. – Mirror of amplification. Meditation in mirror promises to double powers.
  • Chainmail pouch containing 4 clear beads – beads of force, throw at enimy and hit, will trap them – must use magic to remove them. 30 yards/feet range. 5d4 pts damage. Those who fail save are encapsulated in sphere of force.
  • Scroll tube with some very old parchment inside – tricky to identify – protection from magic. Radius 5’
  • Robe with embroidered stars all over it. -  once understood, you can take off a star and it is a +5 shuriken. 2d4 60’ range. If you don’t remove all, they will re-embroider itself. Wearer of robe gets +1 as per ring of protection (just AC). Wearer is able to shift to another plane of existence.
  • Cloak shifty – distorts and disrupts light, makes wearer to appear 1-2’ away. First attack automatically misses. Afterwards +2 AC and attacks specifically directed at wearer.
  • Scroll tube made of gold with gem caps containing multiple parchments – spell scrolls. 
    • 1 telekenesis
    • 2 enchant an item
    • 3 simulacrum
    • 4 permanency
    • 5 cursed scroll – punishment – no taunt, blindness, slow, windwall.


  • Metal vial filled with thin liquid – liquid allows control of an animal – avian creatures.
  • Bundle of menacing rainbow arrows bound with bluesteel wire to hold together, heads bluesteel, feathers intact, rainbow colored. Rainbow warriors - +4, as fired from bow, will stream a color spray to confuse enemies, can be refired, as long as not destroyed
  • Bluesteel plate with stylized star on breastplate. Plate +2 (total of +3). Has 1 additional property that we can’t tell (magic resistance?). Imperial Guard circa 900 years ago. (the attendants to the King were in this place) Garion.
  • Vial that floats of its own accord. – potion of flying
  • Artwork:
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5



The Tour: